Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everyone is doing it

It seems like everyone is doing it - the top 5 "new mommy essentials" - so here are mine!

1. The Woombie. Silly name, amazing product. It keeps Hunter swaddled, can't be busted open b/c of the zipper, which reassures us that he won't smother himself in the middle of the night!

2. Angelcare Monitor from Bebe Sounds. This isn't a must have for every mother, but for super paraonoid mommy's like myself, its a must have and totally worth the big price tag.

3. Sleepers with zippers AND footies. Seriously, Hunter lives in sleepers right now - they are comfy for him and we don't go out enough to warrant dressing him in "real" clothes everyday. The ones with footies are a must have - who wants to deal with re-socking a baby every ten minutes? And the zippers are so much better than the button ups for quick diaper changes.

4. Gas drops. Helps his belly feel good and lets him get all those farts out!

5. The swing/bouncer/whatever you've got. Seriously, sometimes you just have to put your kid down. Hunter loves to be held but when I get the chance I do put him in his swing or his bouncer in the hopes to have some hands free time to myself! To clean, do laundry, or shower!

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