Thursday, November 19, 2009

Diaper Rash

As I write this, my sweet little man is taking a nap on my chest. He is exhausted!

Joe and I went to see the comedian Jon LaJoie last night. Hunter and Grandma and Grandpa and Hunter's cousin Hayley got some adorable Christmas and Cubs outfit pictures done while we were out - I will put them up when my MIL puts them on facebook. It was so nice to get out!

But this morning we had to deal with the yucky stuff - little man has got a serious case of diaper rash that is just not getting better. We change his diaper constantly, apply the prescription to his bum from the doctor and COVER this kid's rear in Desitin and he still gets open areas. We have switched from regular wipes to soft Viva paper towels soaked in hot water and sometimes baby oil. I literally blow dry his bum after major diaper changes/blow outs to make sure he's clean AND dry. I let him "air out" 3 or 4 times a day. Nothing is helping. The peditrician switched his prescription so we will see if this makes a difference. He said that Hunter unfortunately will probably have some diaper rash until he's out of diapers - he's just super sensitive. I wish cloth diapering was a possibility for us, but its just not because our washer and dryer are on our lower level in the basement - there's no way I could run a diaper down there after every dirty diaper. Anyways, lets all just hope that my poor little guy's butt responds to the next prescription. Poor guy!

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